Hiking-Swim | Tinipak River Daraitan | Tanay

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Love is sweeter the second time around. – TINIPAK RIVER DARAITAN TANAY

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 Date: March 30,2012 – Hot and Sunny Black Saturday.

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GALAMALAYA lineup: Robby Cirineo, Ceejay Carlos, Yaj Zaldivia, Pauline Sulit and Jayson Bauit

Meet-up point: Don Mariano Subd Cainta Rizal photo 3We left at around 7:00am and unluckily rode a jeepney that has a mechanical problem. So, we weren’t able to document an accurate travel time going to Tanay Public Market.

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Travel budget: Jeepney fare(Cainta to tanay public market) Php40.00++ // Tricycle from Tanay public market to Daraitan’s barangay hall Php90.00/head or Jeepney to Daraitan Php60.00/head// Barangay Fee:Php20.00 Each // Tricycle back to Tanay Public Market Php80.00/head (driver gave us a discount) // RCBC  airconditioned bus going back to Cainta Php60.00/head – Total: Around Php300.00

TIPS: Choose a Barako type of tricycle for the up and down-hill rough-road ride // If you’re planning to ride a tricycle going back to Tanay public market, it’s cheaper to have your previous tricycle driver to fetch you than getting a tricycle from Daraitan. And ask him to bring you directly to the Barangay Hall and fetch you from there as well.

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It’s mandatory to get a guide from the barangay hall but this time, since it was my 2nd time and Yaj’s 3rd visit, the officer in charge allowed us to hike on our own.

Barangay fee: Php20.00/person and Php100.00 per person for guide fee. Maximum of 5 persons per guide(as said by our guide last Oct 2012).

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Since we weren’t able to follow our itinerary, we just enjoyed our hike with photo and video ops, river swimming and exploration, and spelunking. Photo 7My first visit to Tinipak river was far more different from this experience. Oct 2012 was rainy season so when we went there, bridges were destroyed, water level was high and river current was strong that swimming is not allowed. But this time, it was dry season, which made it a completely different experience photo 8Since this place was awarded with one of the cleanest natural springs in the country, water source wouldn’t be a problem. Just bring a liter of water container and you’ll survive a day hike. Just ask your guide about the potable natural spring water. But of course, it’s safer if you bring more. Photo 9Going to the swimming area was an easy hike. There were a lot of groups and even families visiting to have an outdoor bond with their kids. photo 10

On our last hour in Tinipak River (3:30pm), Yaj, Jason and Pau went spelunking while Cj and Robb stayed in the swimming area. Since the trail going to the cave was dry, climbing up was easy but going inside the cave gave a bit of a challenge due to the sharp rocks that you’ll be stepping and holding on to.

We were aiming for an early hike back to the barangay but because of enjoying too much, we weren’t able to come back on our targeted time. But thanks to our tricycle driver Jerome who waited for us for a very long time, we didn’t have any problems going back. Photo 11

Tinipak River in Daraitan Tanay is something you wouldn’t expect to see in Tanay. It’s an easy and escape from the busy city and a very efficient and fun day-hike destination. Photo 12

Dayhike checklist of things to bring for dry season: 1.Extra clothes(when you get there, I’m pretty sure you wont be able to resist swimming) // 2.Towel(for drying yourself after a cold swim)  and Facetowel //  3.1 to 2Li of drinking water // 4.Backpack // 5.Camera // 6.Sun Glasses // 7.Hiking Sandals // 8.First Aid Kit // 9.Personal Meds // 10. Knife/Multi-tool // 11.Flashlight/Lamp/Head lamp(For spelunking) // 12.Packed lunch(since your time would be limited, it’s advisable to bring packed lunch than cook there-would depend on your itinerary) 13.Toilet paper/Wet wipes // 14.Sun screen

Additional things to bring for an overnight camp: Camping Tent, Earthpad(for a more comfortable sleep on rocky campsites), Matches and lighter, Insect Repellant. Tip: Set your camp to a nearby potable water source. Photo 13Sample Itinerary: 

5:00am Assembly Time(Cainta Junction)

5:30 ETD for Tanay Public Market via Tanay Jeep

7:00 ETA for Tanay Market to buy supplies and get a tricycle/jeep

8:00 ETD for Brgy. Daraitan Tanay

10:00 ETA at Barangay Hall of Daraitan

11:00 Hike to Tinipak River

12:00 Lunch at Campsite (with water source and a marker(Welcome to Gen Nakar Quezon)

1:00 Hike to Swimming area

1:30 Swimming area-swimming, rest and socials

3:00pm Cave exploration

4:30pm Back to the swimming area

5:00pm Back to Jumpoff/Barangay Hall

6:00pm Tricycle to Public Market

7:30pm ETD Public Market to Cainta Junction(via tricycle)

8:30pm Back to Cainta Junction

Contact Persons: Tricycle – Jerome +63926-437-7738 – Give our regards to him. He’s a nice guy

Barangay – Kuya Wilfredo – +63915-353-9089

Thank you for visiting our blog. Keep on visiting =)

by ROBBY CIRINEO  –  http://www.mlahomefinder.com

tagapo fish gala New Member: Jason Bauit. Welcome to the group brothaman! Photo 14


Hike-Cave | Daraitan Tinipak River | Tanay Rizal

Date: Oct 9, 2012 to Oct 10, 2012cropped-gala-malaya-logo.jpg

Line-up: Robb Cirineo, Yaj Zaldivia and Ram Almazan

Meeting place: Robb’s house at Cainta Rizal

Departure time: 8:30am

Photo 1

We started our trip at around 8:30am riding the jeepney to Tanay public market to buy some supplies. From Tanay public market, we rode a tricycle going to Brgy. Daraitan. It was a 2-hour rough-road tricycle ride and we’re not recommending people to bring their sedans due to uphill and downhill rough roads. But Vans and SUVs will do just fine.

Photo 2

Going to the barangay hall would require an approximately 17meter river-crossing through a small boat. Before, they have a bridge connecting to the other side, but due to some bad weather events that happened, the bridge got destroyed.

In the barangay hall, we met Kuya Celso, a barangay tanod and tour guide. The barangay requires a small barangay fee. A guide fee is also mandatory for guests visiting the place(1 guide every 5 persons).

Photo 3 (1)

We started our trek at around 12:45pm.  The trek took us around an hour and a half due to picture taking and exploring the river side. The trail runs just beside the river and they have very big tinipak rocks which I’m sure photographers would love.

Photo 4 (1)

We arrived Nacar campsite at 2:15pm. We took our rest, started to set up camp, cook our dinner, made a bonfire and made some new friends, Christian and Michael(kids who live near the campsite).

Photo 5

Nacar Campsite has this small concrete shed just a couple of meters on top of the campsite. It could be used as an emergency ground for the safety of the campers and locals during storms.

Photo 6

The spring beside our campsite has an “enchanted” story. Locals say that an enchanted big blue lobster-like creature shows itself to the locals of Daraitan whenever they pass by to drink or to get clean water. We tried to look for it but all that we saw were small shrimps. We also drank the water there and indeed it was clean and drinkable.

At night, it was pitch black. Good thing our fire-starter Yaj Zaldivia is good at making bonfires. We were able to cook, heat-up and lighten the site. We also brought some camping lamps, flash lights, portable stove with canned butane, lighters and candles which were very useful. Without them, we would’ve had a very rough night. (Tip: for easier bonfire making, you can use a candle) Since we weren’t able to drink, we just played cards and talked about our business plan and a name for it, and Gala Malaya was born.

FYI : Gala Malaya is both an outdoor enthusiast group and an outdoor adventure travel provider.final

Day 2

The Plan: explore the Tinipak River and the caves on the other side. (I forgot the names of 2 caves)

The Problem: Due to the previous heavy rains, the bridge connecting to the other side was destroyed and the water was deep which made the rapids very strong. Crossing the river with a rope would be very dangerous and accidents had already happened. So, in order to get to the other side, we had to rappel down the boulder area, climb up and down the boulders to cross the river and climb up again to get to the caves.

During summer, the water would be very shallow that you can cross the river by just walking. There was also a place where you can actually swim but the water was too rough and rapids were too dangerous. We actually got surprised because it was totally different from the pictures we saw from the internet and from what Yaj saw when he last visited the place.

click on this link for a sample photo from Yaj’s previous visit : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=451241254890188&set=a.451240081556972.119264.100000129522825&type=3&src=https%3A%2F%2Ffbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net%2Fhphotos-ak-snc7%2F578184_451241254890188_449736804_n.jpg&size=720%2C540

Photo 7 (1)

We started day2 at around 9:15am. Getting to the boulders was challenging. We had to rappel to get down to the 2nd campsite beside the river where the 10 to 20ft boulders are located.

Photo 8 (3)

The boulder experience was even more challenging and surely you’ll get the adrenaline you wouldn’t expect you’d get. The boulders are smooth and finding something to step on to and hold your fingers for grip was hard to find, and looking at the rapids below while climbing the boulders made it even harder. It was a hell of a great experience!

Photo 9

When we got to the other side, there was another clean spring that Kuya Celso showed us. He said the water is also drinkable and clean. So, we tried it and it was really good. Try it, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Photo 10

We started climbing the mountain at around 10:15am to get to the first cave. Going down the cave requires extra care because of the slippery and sharp rocks. So, we were extra careful going down. The first cave was really huge and there was water inside it. They say that when there are heavy rains, the cave gets filled with water. Good thing the weather was fair and sunny. With the flashlights and headlights we brought, we were able to see the astonishing beauty of the cave. There were some stalagmites on some parts and almost everything there were rocks and water.

We explored 30minutes deep in the cave and still we’re far away from the end. The only thing that stopped us were the battery life of our flashlights, it was getting low. We’d be in a very bad situation if our battery runs out. So, we headed back and went to the other cave where a lot of pythons have been seen.

cave experience

cave experience

The next cave was even bigger. It was shaped like a dome and looks like a tunnel where a train can pass through. And yes, there was a snake. But it wasn’t just a python, it was a poisonous one. Bats were also bigger in size and bigger in number and instead of stepping on rocks, you’d step on soft bat poop mixed with soil and insect or animal decay which were accumulated over the years.

Photo 12

We got back to the barangay at around 5:00pm and had our shower there.  It was getting dark and transportation became expensive because we had to rent a tricycle just to get to the jeepney terminal.

Photo 13 (1)

Barangay Daraitan Tanay was a really great experience. The locals were really nice and very helpful. Tinipak river and the caves we went to are just 3 of the many spots that you can explore. There are more new caves and trails in the area that we would like to try. Surely I will go back, but on a different season. Adventurers who would like a bit of a challenge could try going here just after the rainy season but the months Jan to June is what we can recommend for safety purposes. Drinking water is not an issue since there were springs which give off clean-drinkable water.

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Gala Malaya also organizes trips to this place if you want a hassle-free daytrip adventure in Daraitan, just contact us. Inclusions would be van transfers back and forth, food, basic photo and video coverage and all fees necessary for the trip. If you also need more info about the place and contact persons, feel free to ask us

Just contact us at +639228333905 / +639178103877 or email us at galamalaya@gmail.com .

How to get there : Ride a jeepney going to Tanay Public 2012 Daraitan Occular Boy's Camp Out - Ram's Cam (49)Market. From Tanay public market, you can either ride a jeepney going straight to Daraitan or Sampaloc(if there’s no more jeep to daraitan) then a tricycle ride to Daraitan. Or, you can also rent a tricycle from Tanay Public Market but be sure to look for the “barako” model for the tricycle because it has more power going up and down the rough roads. Tricycle ride would be around 2hrs or more traveling time.

Things to Bring for daytrips : Bottled water, Extra clothes, Flashlight/Headlight, Food/Power bar, Lighter, First Aid Kit(for emergency purpose) and of course your cameras.

Thank you for reading our blog and if you need some advice on this trip, feel free to contact us. Add us in facebook as well. http://www.facebook.com/gala.malaya